Colour vs resting time

The colour of the paddy varies with time of resting in hydration. More the resting time darker the colour of paddy. Colour of paddy in between 1-30 mins resting time is super white while for 150mins its golden yellow.

Hydration temperature vs colour

The intensity of colour is directly proportion to the hydration temperature while inversely proportional to the hydration time. More the hydration temperature – darker the colour and lesser the time.

Colour vs age of paddy

Age of paddy determines the varieties of colour can be obtained. Till 3 months after the harvesting of paddy all colours can be obtained but as the age of paddy increases the varieties of paddy colour are reduced

Dwell time vs age

Resting time of paddy strictly depends upon the age of paddy. More the age of paddy lesser the resting time because with time the intensity of colour absorption decreases.

Moisture vs age

Moisture content of paddy is inversely proportional to the age of paddy. As the harvested paddy with m.c 23% become aged its moisture content decreases upto 10.5% within 18 months.

Hydration temperature vs hydration time

Hydration time – temperature combination plays a crucial role in the colour of paddy. For darker colour the hydration time is less and temperature is more while for the lighter  colour the hydration time time is more and temperature is less.