BRIS Continuous Parboiling System

This is a unique system developed by APIT and would be a premium offering from us to the Industry. It moves away from conventional batch wise processes and introduces continuous parboiling solutions thereby moving from Operator dependant processes to Market dependant solutions. The future of parboiling industry is in processing paddy continuously and upgrade from the archaic batch wise process.

The trend of continuous parboiling concept is slowly and steadily picking up its pace to overcome the drawbacks existing in the batch wise processing. In the regions of Southeast Asia, Africa & South America, millers are realizing the benefits of online processing as compared to batch wise processing.

Many new installations are looking out for solution providers of online paddy parboiling to suit demands of continuous drying machines. Realizing this potential, APIT has developed a continuous Parboiling plant which syncs with the demands of a continuous Dryer.

BRIS stands for “Bhatta Rice Intelligence System” which is a tribute to the eminent scientist Dr.K.R.Bhattacharya. The essence of this system is in providing continuous parboiling which will complement sophisticated continuous dryers.

Parboiling is the process zone where the color of final rice and its nutritional values are decided. It is therefore important that the right process has to be established here to achieve the desired end product.

APIT has the required data which helps in establishing an intelligent recipe for producing parboiled rice ranging from white to deep yellow (White , Off white, Cream & Yellow).